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The Waunakee Hoops Club provides community members a quality, structured youth basketball program. We foster the development of fundamentals, discipline and teamwork in a positive, caring and safe environment for learning. All participants will be provided the opportunity to learn and compete while knowledgeable leaders will promote the philosophies and principles of community, character and sportsmanship.

CONGRATS to our youth that completed the "5,000 and 10,000 Make Challenge" in 2019!

5,000 Makes

Landon Golden 2nd
Graham Ballweg 2nd
Sam Pucci 2nd
Will Dama 4th
Andrew Statz 4th
Nolan Misfeldt 4th
Brady Parker 4th
Jake Heideman 4th
Alex Manley 4th
Jack Pucci 4th
Keaton Porter 5th
Wes Ducharme 5th
Matthew Lenerz 5th
Sam Follen 5th
Riley Fitzsimons 7th
Brennan Lezotte 7th
Tim Strebel 8th
George Zimbric 8th

10,000 Makes

Marek Phillips 3rd
Jake Eberle 4th
Owen Manley 6th
Sebastian Rasmussen 8th
Evan Lory 8th


Volunteer Opportunities

We always have a need for volunteers.  If you would like to help, please email

Jason Misfeldt

Youth Director (3rd-5th)

Phone: 773-593-2045

Keith Ralph

Youth Director (6th-8th)

Phone: 608-616-2816